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Sant Baba Hazara singh Ji was a great Saint Who lived the life of a very simple person and meditated in a small village ghuman khurd ,PO-NM singh ,District Gurdasppur.He did what he preached.He was a great social reformer who introduced many important changes in our society like simple marriages,akhand paths with a token money of Rs. 40 ( rupees forty only)so that even poor people can afford to live in this society dominated by a few people having huge amount of money.In the very young age baba ji started living aloof renouncing daily chores. Baba Ji live whole life in a very simple kucha kotha(one room made from mud)near a pond of water.Baba Ji described the Rub(God) nothing else but the human being(without dishonesty and with meditation and selfless service of the needy).Baba Ji's sacred words " Je Band ticher-bitcher na karey atey wahegru da jaap karey ta banda hi rub hai,rub koi motey hudda paaran wala nahin hain"